5 Pairs of Trunks That Your Dad Needs!

Posted by AN PHIL on

It’s heating up, everyone! This spring has really come through with that warm weather, so we’ve been gearing up for our vacay essentials. Next month, Father’s Day will be here, so we figured we would help you get two tasks done: get a good gift and prepare your family for your next vacation. In this blog post, we’ll show you our five picks of trunks and briefs that we think many dads would love! 

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Check These Out:


For anyone who has a super simple Dad, getting him a basic pair of trunks can be all that he needs for his perfect beach look. It may seem boring but having a black pair of trunks makes his outfit choices endless. He can rock this as a normal look with a white tee, colorful tee, or with any summer tanks. You can always get a grey if black is too bold, but we think it would look great. Look at some examples below!

Does your Dad steal the spotlight with all the outfits he wears? Then he definitely needs these Multicolored Stripe Trunks! Visually, these are stunning to wear on the beach. They bring so much attention because of the colors and vertical lines that slim your legs down. Imagine this with a gold chain or white tee. This would be the perfect look for a resort, the beach, or even in your own backyard with family and friends.

We all know a dad that loves the island vibes! Whether your dad loves island foods, drinks, or music, we’ve got lots of trunks to match his vibe - but we think these ones will fit him the best. These Blue Lillie Swim Trunks scream “island vibes”! These pink trunks with blue flowers would look great on any beach on any dad. We’ve also got a lot of trunks with other flowers, tropical fruits, and wave designs.


Oh, so he’s the cool dad! Any cool dad has to have a pair of over the top trunks. These trunks literally have the coolest splashes of color all over them. If you’re dad is not basic, you can have him show his bursting personality in these trunks all day and night on the beach or in your swimming pool. They pair well with any black or white top! The colors will take over and bring a bright summer look to his fit.

If you’re lucky enough to have a dad that loves to swim, and we mean actually swim, these summer briefs would be perfect for him to wear. Some dads just want to practice their swimming techniques so they can teach you how to swim as well, how cute! It’s important to get him a pair of trunks or briefs that don’t resist the water. More tight, body hugging trunks will help him to glide through the water and master his skill. These briefs are very modest and basic, so he can feel comfortable swimming anywhere!

We hope you found a pair that your dad would love to rock on his next vacation! Of course, if you find anything else on our site, we believe it would be perfect for your dad - you know him best! Let us know if your dads fit any of the vibes we’ve suggested here. Happy Shopping!