6 Underrated Beaches from Around the World

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There’s nothing quite like the calming, soft ocean breeze. Since the pandemic, I’m sure we have all had our fair share of longing for vacation. But I’m not talking about your typical tourist spots with beach chairs and big umbrellas. I’m talking about adventure - hidden spots, breathtaking sights, and the untouched beauty of our natural world. With beach trips on pause this last year, here is a list of 10 underrated beaches around the world, so that you can make up for lost time once we can all travel again.

Hiriketiya, Sri Lanka 

A horseshoe-shaped bay, lined with coconut trees and shacks selling coconuts and fresh rotis. This vibrant coastline has something for everyone, from surfers to sunbathers. Go hiking to Kudawella Bay and stop by a blowhole on the way - the only one you will find in all of Sri Lanka. Look great riding the waves off of a long left-hand point break in these The Blues Palms Swim Shorts, lounging on the coast, and learning about the history of the southern coast from locals themselves.

Ora Beach, Indonesia

Walk along the world’s second longest coastline (37,000 miles!) in The Soothing Greens Swim Shorts. Match the trees and stunning green-hue water with these swim trunks, perfect for any water adventure along this secluded beach, snuggled away and surrounded by surreal landscapes of tropical rainforests, mountains, white-sugar beaches, and turquoise waters. If you love clear waters and tall mountains, this undisturbed, underrated beach is for you!

Fakarava, French Polynesia

Fun fact: an atoll is a ring-shaped island, and Fakarava is one of the largest atolls you can find in French Polynesia. Lined with pink and white sand, this beach is a true dream. Enjoy the consistent warm waters here in the The Blues Petals Swim Shorts and match the atoll’s crystal clear blues. Not only is this beach easily accessible, but it is the perfect spot to snorkel for rare fish and vibrant corals. This atoll really has it all.

Chesterman Beach, Vancouver Islands, Canada

The perfect beach spot for strolling across the coastline at sunset. These waters are popular among die-hard surgers, so if that’s you, enjoying these waves in The Blue Shades Swim Shorts is a must. This beach is lined with massive driftwood logs and smooth sand, surrounded by Canadian forests. If you want to experience true nature, come here and enjoy not only the cold waters but the enchanting scenery as well. Maybe you will even spot sea otters on the coast, or wolves in the forests.

Seagrass Bay, Laucala Island, Fiji

This mesmerizing jungle is home to some of Fiji’s rarest species. The coasts are so secluded that they are only accessible through guided tours or horseback riding safaris. Book a room at Laucala Island Resort to get private access to this beach. If you feel at peace from the quietness of the sea, take a stroll along this coastline in The Blue Navy Swim Shorts, and you will have never felt at such peace. Enjoy this quiet, private beach with crystal clear coasts and maybe spot some rare birds or marine life along the way.

Hidden Beach, Palawan, Philippines

Do you love to feel engulfed by beautiful, rigid mountains and blue waters? Walk around the coastline in The Aqua Draw Swim Shorts and be absolutely hypnotized by the tall, limestone cliffs while intertwining your toes in the white sand. Feel separated from the rest of the world, even if only for a day. There is nothing quite like these tall cliff beaches.

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