6 Ways To Style Your Swimwear

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Summer is just around the corner and it's time to bring in the waves… and trunks!

Waves and Trunks got some New Arrivals that we think you would look great on you on your (hopefully) upcoming vacations. We browsed through our Top Collections and pulled a few trunks and briefs that would be great to have in your own collection. We've provided some inspiration below that can help you plan your swimming fit.

 Check below to see some of our featured trunks, just for you:

Solid colors always make a statement on the beach. 

They can bring out a bold side of you while also being playful! You can wear basic black ones, to vibrant red ones, or even an exciting blue! These are staples to have in your swimwear collection. You can never go wrong wearing solid colors that can pair with any other accessories like: hats, sunglasses, or flip flops!

It's always cute to see swimwear that matches with your loved ones!

If you want a more wholesome look you can always check our collection of Tropical printed trunks that will match perfectly with beach themed swimwear. Looking for palm trees, pineapples, anchors? We've got them for you! 

Be bold and wear what you're comfortable in!

If you want to rock a speedo-style look on the beach this season you can go bold but simple in a dark colored brief. They’re much more comfortable to swim in too! If you want something that will cover a bit more you can opt for a classic drawstring brief. 

Wanting to wear something a bit more sporty?

You can always opt to wear some basic striped swimming trunks. These will always give you a sporty look while on the beach, hiking, lake jumping, or any adventure. You can wear these casually in the summertime too. It's a universal trunk for guys who love to play outdoors! Check out the multiple colors we have available.

These are for the show-offs

We know there are some people who love to bring attention to their swim style and we've got the perfect items for you. All eyes will be on you when you roll to the beach in something like this. Check out some more of these eye-catching briefs below.

Needing a little fun on the beach?

Spunky patterns are always exciting to wear. You can get a more retro look with our vibrant printed trunks. They'll be sure to add a little rock-star vibe to your swimwear fit. We're always growing our collection, but check what we have below for you. keep calm, rock on, and swim on! 

Get ready for summer!

Build your swimwear collection before it's time to book your vacation and plan your adventures.

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