A Man’s Guide to Swimwear

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In the 60’s it was told that swimsuits and trucks started to be made for functionality. Leading up to today, there are many different styles that you can wear for functionality but also to look and feel great in.

We’ve made a quick blog post about the Men’s Guide to Swimwear so you know what's in style and what trunks are right for you. We’ve got lots at Wave and Trunks, check out our collection here or start reading for your guide.

Step 1: Know what type of style you want!

There are so many different styles of swimwear that you can wear. Many swimsuits are categorized by the length, looseness, and their overall cut. Trunks are the most common swimwear in the Americas. They look very similar to shorts and can be worn in the water and on land. They're super fast drying and can come in many different patterns or colors. There are also swimming briefs that are referred to as “Speedos”. These are more tight body-hugging V-shaped swimwear that bears the thighs. There are also square cut shorts that are a body-hugging style of swim shorts. They are shorter in length compared to trunks! There are also racing suits that are used by professional swimmers. These are form fitting suits designed to reduce the drag of water while swimming. You can choose any of these to fit your style.

Step 2: Know your active needs!

Picking swimwear also depends on how active you are. Are you buying swimwear to wear in a hotel pool, go surfing, too lounge on the beach, or to professionally swim? It's important to consider how much time you will be spending in the water. As well as, how much movement you are going to be doing. For example, wearing a loose fabric trunk style isn't that great if you're planning on walking around for long. This can result in chaffing... ouch! If you're planning on actually going swimming, you want to reduce the drag of the water by wearing something that is of a tighter fit. If you're just going surfing it may make sense to wear something looser so that you have more movement while standing on the surfboard. If you're going to be in the sun for a long time you may want to have more of your body covered to provide sun protection.

Step 3: Know your body!

You also want to be conscious of the styles that you choose to wear. Everyone can be comfortable in what they wear but for those who take pride in what they look like around others (while bearing skin) you can take this tip into consideration! If you are not a toned person and have more of a "softer build" you may want to have a looser cut swim trunk that will help to balance things out. You may not want to wear anything very tight with an elasticized waist that will dig into your stomach or thighs. If you have more of a toned body shape you could wear tighter swimwear! Wearing something like a brief will definitely expose more "jiggle" so it's your call on whether or not you're comfortable wearing it.

Step 4: Know Your Visual Impression!

If this applies to you, you can use this tip as well. You may want to consider who you're wearing your swimsuit around. If you're on a vacation with the family you may want to wear something that is family-friendly. If you're in beach party mode, you may want to consider wearing something that may draw attention to a specific vibe. If you are on a business trip and decide to go swimming you may want to wear something that is co-worker friendly and casual. You want to ask yourself whether you want a sexy, conservative, or casual look when planning to wear swimwear around others.

Step 5: Know What Makes You Comfortable!

Overall, you should choose to wear swimwear that makes you feel comfortable whether it be trunks, briefs, swimsuits and more! You choose what you want to wear. We have many options to sort through on Wave in Trunks. Browse here today and get what you want!

There’s your guide to Men's Swimwear! Take all the tips you need to make your next purchase.