A Man’s Guide to Swimwear

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With the weather getting warmer, many individuals are making outdoor plans that allow them to see others while maintaining social distancing guidelines. While there are many activities to choose from, the beach or pool seems to be a popular destination for many people. Before making these plans, it is vital that you have the perfect beach outfit to wear. With so many styles on the market, it can often be hard to choose just one bathing suit to wear. If you’re having trouble, keep reading this blog to discover a man’s guide to swimwear!

Bathing Suit Styles


Swimming trunks are the most popular swimwear for men in North America. Shape-wise, they are similar to normal men’s shorts. However, they are made with a lightweight, waterproof, fast-drying fabric and a tight-fitting inner lining. These shorts vary in length and colour. Because of their popularity, there is a huge variety of them on the market. Whatever color or design you are looking for, it probably exists!


Quiksilver Men's Everyday Lightning 20 in. Boardshort

Boardshorts are similar to trunks in shape and style, but are longer. They typically finish or go past the knees. The waist is usually non-elastic and is higher waisted, finishing close to the torso. They are called board shorts because they were originally developed for board-related sports such as paddle-boarding and surfing. Their design was made so that they would not catch onto your board as you mounted it. 

Swim Briefs

Swim briefs, also known as “speedos” are extremely popular in European countries. They are tight and v-shaped, designed to hug the body. These swimwear's often include an inner lining. They are made to be non-invasive and comfortable. Their small size does not get caught on anything and does not get in the way of beach-related activities/

Square Cut Shorts

Geronimo Square Cut Lowrise Swim Boxer Trunk | Bodywear For Men

Square cut shorts are tight, body hugging shorts that range from your waist to your upper thighs. They are cut straight across, giving off a boxy look. These are essentially the less revealing versions of swim briefs. They offer similar features as swim briefs, such as being non-invasive, but without the extremely revealing aspect!



Jammers are knee-length bodysuits created for competitive swimmers are other water athletes. They were designed to reduce drag and resemble bike shorts, minus to padding. 

Wetsuits and Drysuits

Modulator 4/3mm Chest Zip Wetsuit - Black – Volcom US

A wetsuit is similar to jammers as they are tight fitting. However, wetsuits cover the entire body and are well-insulated. They are designed to keep swimmers warm during activities such as snorkeling, scuba diving, or board sports. 

Rash Guards

Floral Rash Guard Men Surf Rashguard Long Sleeve Swimwear Swim Shirt UV T  Shirt For Swimming Sailing Diving Sport Clothes|Rash Guard| - AliExpress

Rash guards are similar to wetsuits, but are considerably looser. Most rash guards are made with UV-reflecting fabric to protect users under the bright sun. They are used for sports such as surfing, kayaking, and waterboarding. 

How to Buy a Swimsuit

Know your needs

Before purchasing a swimsuit, it is important to know what you’ll be using it for. Ask yourself questions such as: How intense will my activities be? What am I using this for? How long will I be using this for? How much leg movement will I need?

If you’re looking to swim casually in a pool or at the beach, simple swim trunks are perfect. They are designed for relaxing and light swimming. However, if you’re planning on swimming intensely, it’s better to purchase swim briefs or square cut shorts to prevent drag in the water. 

Know your ideal visual impression

Purchasing swimwear isn’t only about the usage. You should also be looking for swimwear that looks good on you and reflects your ideal visual impression. It might help to ask yourself questions such as: Am I trying to impress anyone? Am I trying to look professional? Do I want to look flattering?

Asking all these questions can affect the cut and style you end up choosing. Tighter styles can accentuate your body and look sexier, whereas looser styles appear more casual. 

Be honest about your body

Wearing a swimsuit will most likely require you to show off your body. To help your selection process, ask yourself questions such as: Are you soft around the middle? Are you toned or fit? Are you self-conscious about your body?

All these questions will determine how much you want to show and how tight of a bathing suit you are comfortable wearing!


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