Best Trunks For Springtime!

Posted by Amar Gandhi on

Spring is finally here and it's time to start busting out the swimwear for the season! As the weather warms up everyone will start heading to their backyard swimming pools, cottages, or beach houses to finally take the first swim of the year.  Of course, with a new season you need to have new swimwear! In this blog post we're going to be choosing four swimwear collections that you can find the best trunks for the spring. 

Check these out below:

Our first selection that has some great Spring choices is our Monochrome Trunks Collection.

 These trunks are solid colors with a contrasting drawstring. These will look great as the color is bold and replicates the colors of warm weather. We recommend wearing either yellow, orange, or green for the Spring to Summer season. These have an elasticized waistband and the drawstring is adjustable. These are quick to dry off, they have vented sides, and also have an interior key pocket so you can keep your small valuables safe.

Our second collection that has some great choices for Spring are the Blue Waves Collection.

 If your favorite color is blue you'll definitely love the pairs that we have here. These trunks will bring life back to the water as they have great patterns that can be worn underwater Adventure. Whether you're surfing, canoeing, kayaking, or just swimming, these trunks will have you covered. These are also crafted from lightweight and quick-drying fabric so you can wear them outside of the water and in each day.

Our third collection that we would recommend is our Tropical Swim Trunk Collection.

 These do have more of a summer vibe, but who says you can't start celebrating summer early? As the warm weather increases, these shorts will definitely show that you're ready for the summer heat. There are lots of fun patterns like watermelon, palm trees, flamingos, and more! These are such a fun pair of trunks to wear even on your early summer vacation.


Our fourth selection for Spring is the Stretchable Swim Boxers!

Some of us may have gained a couple extra pounds of weight during quarantine but don't fret, this swim boxers are perfect for you if you're ready to jump in that water. These boxer shorts have a good stretch to them as they are made with polyester and cotton material. These will hug your body comfortably and allow you to move freely as you swim in the water. They come in many different colors and fun styles, so it's up to you on what you want to rock! 

It's time to grab your spring trunks ASAP! We hope you enjoyed our selection of possible swim trunks that you can purchase for this season. There are so many options that we have on Waves and Trunks, and it's up to you to choose what you want. Click here to shop our collections and find something to wear today! Happy shopping and happy spring.