The Top 4 Trunks to Elevate Your Next Beach Day!

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Everyone knows that the beach is a go-to destination on a hot summer's day. The elegant touch of the warm grains of sand sinking with every step and finally making it into the gorgeous, fun-filled water is truly a spectacular feeling. Whether you are with your friends or simply just trying to get some sun, the beach has been and will always be a world-renowned summertime adventure. Sounds like the perfect day to me! It also sounds like a day like this could not get any better. Well, that's where you're wrong, there is an impeccable modern and trendy style to add on top of all this! 

In need of new swim trunks, or just really want a new pair? Waves and Trunks have got your back, anytime, anywhere! With such a fantastic selection of swimsuits and phenomenal style, you truly can't go wrong vamping up your swimwear closet with one of these superb and iconic outfits. Instantly spot a jolt of color, design, and uniqueness in your closet, and create your style from it. To make things easier for you, I have narrowed down the list to the four best trunks to elevate your upcoming beach day and have you dressed to impress with a brand new style. So sit back, relax, and get a grasp of the pure bliss and beauty the stellar offerings at Waves and Trunks have! 


1. The Splash of Colors Drawstring Swim Shorts

Price: $19.99

Size Range: S - 4XL

Material: 20% Elastane-Spandex, 80% Polyester

Where to Buy: The Splash of Colors Drawstring Swim Shorts

To commence, we have without a doubt the heaviest of hitters amongst consumers. The lovely Splash of Colors Swim Shorts have consistently been at the peak of our best sellers and has introduced a huge variety of style into people's lives. By simply viewing the vast uniqueness these shorts hold you can get an idea of how many perfect beachwear outfits you could make with such a fantastic pair of trunks. The gorgeous color-filled abstract design gives you a style like no other. With a modern and trendy twist to your generic swim shorts, these allow you to feel comfortable while standing out amongst the crowd. Transform your swimwear closet, and feel like a king in these marvelous trunks!


2. The Blues Blooms Drawstring Swim Shorts

Price: $19.99

Size Range: S - 4XL

Material: 20% Elastane-Spandex, 80% Polyester

Where to Buy: The Blues Bloom Drawstring Swim Shorts

Coming in at the second spot on our list is a wonderful color-filled abstract design that has dominated the summertime flood of consumers. The tremendous Blues Bloom Drawstring Swim Shorts are the perfect way to introduce a fantastic and modern style into your life. Additionally, they are the ideal way for you to stand out this upcoming summer and feel like your on top of the world! The unique rush of blue color combined with the simple white collaboration makes for a minimalist pair of trunks that is sure to double as a conversation piece. With a feathered design to go on top of all that, develop your trendy outfits to pair with this unmatched layout. Have people walking up to you asking where you purchased one they're going to want to get their hands on them as soon as possible! 


3. The Sea and Flamingos Drawstring Swim Shorts

Price: $29.99

Size Range: S - 4XL

Material: 100% Polyester

Where to Buy: The Sea and Flamingos Drawstring Swim Shorts

With a $10.00 increase in price, we have an elevated take on the tropical paradise lifestyle. Made with 100% polyester, the Sea and Flamingos Swim Shorts are the perfect bottom to have you looking stylish this summer. With a unique sense of style, these shorts give you the color blossom you need to create your trendy outfits. With a paradise vibe, these trunks are perfect for any beach day and will allow you to fit in spectacularly amongst the crowd. To make any beach a fun time, these shorts are essential, and will not only elevate your experience but will also impress those around you with a never-seen-before style! 


4. The Black Drawstring Swim Shorts

Price: $19.99

Size Range: S - 4XL

Material: 20% Elastane-Spandex, 80% Polyester

Where to Buy: The Black Drawstring Swim Shorts

To finish this list off we have the simplistic-oriented trunks that pair perfectly with almost any colored top. The minimal Black Drawstring Swim Short is the perfect trunk for anyone who loves to dress up for the beach. Grabbing the perfect top and the perfect pairing bottom can sometimes be an issue, but with these, forget about it! The pure black base of these trunks gives you endless opportunities to create the perfect stunning beach outfit. With an instant boost to your summer attire, you can impress your peers with a stunning look and unique style to give you a spruced-up ambiance. If simple is your vibe, look no further, these swim shorts are perfect for you! 


With nothing but incredible style, modern vibes, and blooms of color, Waves and Trunks truly has the best beach day attire for anyone in the market. With the accommodative sizing paired with the unbeatable prices, you won't find a more perfect set of swim trunks anywhere! Go out and catch some waves in your brand new trunks and style your environment to your liking! 


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