Top 4 Beaches in the US to visit this Spring!

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The beach has always been considered one of the best summertime getaways, whether you're with family or friends. Venturing around in the warmth with sunscreen, a towel, a bathing suit, and some snacks sounds like the perfect summer day to me! With such a variety of options to choose from, many look for hidden gems within the landscape of their surroundings to enjoy without such a huge crowd. Due to the fact that everyone has been inside for a year, once the beach reopens, the crowds are out, people wanting to get out and soak up the sun once again, so having your go-to spot is crucial. 

In the US, there are endless amounts of beaches, some of which have yet to be discovered. With the Florida keys basking in the sun as well as the west coast, those two areas of the US are home to some legendary spots. America's glowing landscape has given us some of the greatest summer moments in history. That being said, I have narrowed down the list to give you the top four beaches to visit this Summer. All of these beaches are located in the US and are jam packed with fun and summer vibes. So sit back, relax, and find your next beach day destination with ease!


1. Miami Beach

To crack the top of this list we have a historical landmark in the Florida keys, famously known as Miami Beach. This fun-filled sight has been home to numerous legendary nights and endless entertainment. With a variety of resorts and hotels, you can get yourself cozied up in a 5-star hotel with a gorgeous view of the water. The Miami Beach strip is filled with entertainment with a famous nightclub scene. Names like Club Madonna, Delano Beach Club, and numerous others are home to some of the wildest nights southern Florida has seen! The wonderful Miami Beach boardwalk takes you on a tour through the vast blissful sights the landmark has to offer. This is easily one of the most famous beaches in the country and will be for years to come! 


2. Venice Beach

Located in Venice, California, this historic beach has been the sight of many attractions for decades. Known for the wild-spirited buzz combined with unique stores to give an unbeatable summertime vibe! With a large skate park and streetwear shops located down the strip, you can find all of your modern trends here. Alongside that, the famous Muscle Beach is located here and puts the ultimate strength of man on display for all who wish to see, and join in on! The numerous boutiques, clothing stores, and food spots collaborate to create an atmosphere like no other. If you have the opportunity, I highly recommend you visit Venice, you will not regret it! 


3. Laguna Beach

Located right on the West Coast in Orange County, we find our third segment of this list, Laguna Beach. This lovely scene is home to some of the greatest art galleries out there, along with a luxurious boardwalk taking you through every breathtaking view! This seaside hotspot is filled with resorts and hotels giving you a spectacular view of the water. This beach is noted for its numerous coves and ideal surf spots. It also has a plethora of high-end shopping spots giving you a fantastic opportunity to shop 'til you drop! The stellar nightlife scene gives you a fun-filled plan every night. With famous clubs like The Marine Room, The Drake, Sandpiper and many more, you can count on Laguna Beach to give you an adventurous night any time you visit! Sounds like a tremendous time to me! 


4. Cannon Beach

Our final beach on the list is a marvelous sight for all to see. Located in Northwest Oregon, Cannon Beach has become a notable spot for tourists and adventurous folks from all over! The lovely landscape scenery looks gorgeous any time of day and allows you to watch endless sunsets as you wish. This Oregon icon is home to gorgeous seaside views and nature displays like never before. With luxurious hotels and resorts, get an oceanic view to wake up to every morning, you won't ever want to leave! The food scene is packed down here with some of the most elegant restaurants in the world! Haystack Rock is a wondrous sight to see at this beach and is a main attraction for many tourists. All that fun packed into one beach? Sounds like I need to get there!


Overall, these beaches are a must-visit on my bucket list. The pure beauty and natural landscapes they hold are like no other and offer tourists a real display of the Earth's beauty. With famous history and bright futures, these beaches are targeted destinations for many in the Summertime, I think you can see why. Headed into Spring 2021, I know these spots are sure to be on the watchlist! 


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