We Vote Celebrity Swimwear!

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Beach vacations may be out of the question for us this year but let’s not dwell on that just yet. With the summer heat quickly approaching, we will definitely be able to catch a glimpse at our favourite celebrities in their swimsuit attire. 

There are many things to what makes a great summer trunk. Of course, comfort is something that is essential for swimwear, however, we cannot forget style. Let’s take a look at previous styles our celebrity friends have worn. 


Kevin Hart

We definitely had to start off with one of our favorite comedians! Kevin Hart is bringing us abstract vibes with his acid-wash trunks. For us this rating has got to be 8 out of 10. We are loving the simplicity of these trunks. Although, this may be seen as a little basic but one can never go wrong with basics. I would definitely say these are good back-up emergency trunks for those occasions where you’re going for a late night swim or to your local pool. Even an ice bath, according to Hart. 

Here is the perfect alternative that will give you the same, stylish but simple for your everyday swim. 

The Blues Blooms Drawstring Swim Shorts

Price: $19.99

Size Range: S - 4XL

Material: 20% Elastane-Spandex, 80% Polyester

Where to Buy: The Blues Bloom Drawstring Swim Shorts

These Blues Bloom Drawstring Swim Shorts are the perfect way to introduce a fantastic and modern style into your life. The unique rush of blue color combined with the simple white collaboration makes for a minimalist pair of trunks that is sure to double as a conversation piece. With a feathered design to go on top of all that, develop your trendy outfits to pair with this unmatched layout. 

Justin Bieber 

Up next, we got our talented Canadian singer, Justin Bieber. As one of our idols from our neighbours, we have to rate this singer's trunks at 6 out of 10. We are loving the basics that Bieber is giving us but maybe he is playing it a little too safe! However, we are definitely loving that shade of blue. We would have loved to see more of a pop of colour or something more tropical and fun. 

If you are loving the basic and monochrome vibes this is giving you, we do carry a trendy alternative to this with a little pop of color, you may be looking for. 


The Aqua Drawstring Swim Shorts

Price: $19.99

Size Range: S - 4XL

Material: 20% Elastane-Spandex, 80% Polyester

Where to Buy: The Aqua Draw String Swim Shorts 

These monochrom Aqua Black Drawstring Swim Shorts is the perfect trunk for anyone who is trying to add some fun into their swim attire. We love that this has an alternative color for the drawstring making these swim shorts a little more entertaining. This makes the pop of color easier to introduce and more settle for those who are just stepping out of their comfort zone. If simple is your vibe, look no further, these swim shorts are perfect for you! 



Calum Von Moger

We can’t forget our Aussie accented athlete! Now this is what we are talking about. We are rating this swim attire a 10 out of 10. We got to give it to Moger for embracing the brief life and not shying away from these beauties. Of course, as you know we love the vibrant and abstract so that is automatic points right there.  

Now, if you’re not afraid to embrace that swim brief life we definitely have the perfect alternative for you. 


Tropical Birds String Summer Brief  

Price: $14.99

Size Range: S - 3XL

Material: 20% Elastane-Spandex, 80% Polyester

Where to Buy: Tropical Birds String Summer Brief  

These tropical trunks are perfect for those who aren’t afraid to bring some fun and adventure into their swimwear. We love that this has a simple pattern that is basic and can still be seen as a statement piece. Of course, wearing briefs is a statement in itself. We do love a man who isn’t afraid to show what he’s got. So, if you are looking to stand out this summer these are just right for you.

If any of these were too out of style or too basic, check out Waves and Trunks to see what other alternatives we have available. With the variety of options that we carry, you are bound to find something that will suit your needs. Go out and catch some waves in your brand new trunks and style your environment to your liking!